Electronic Industries Inc. Printed circuit boards, PCB's, Printed Wiring Boards.

  •               Circuit Boards, PCB'S, Printed Wiring Boards, Photo Plotting,
  •      Prototypes - Production - Quick Turns
        Concept To Completion!



    Dedicated To Complete Customer Satisfaction

         Environmentally Friendly

    Committed To Quality

                        UL Recognized/Member Of IPC


      Quick Turns - 24 hour to 2 week service

      Prototype through Production

      Double Sided and Multi-layer constructions

      Surface Mount and Through hole technologies

      FR4, BT, Polyimide, and GETEK materials

      24 hour data reception via E-Mail & Modem

      Laser Photo-plotting

      Net List Electrical Test

      FR4 UL recognition up to 130 Degrees C, lines and spaces down to .005"

      Continuous Quality Improvement Program



    rohs, Rohs Compliant, Immersion Gold, IPC, pwbs, pcbs                                            We also accept   Single Sided, Double Sided, FR-4, Getek, PrototypeQuickturn, Quick Turn, Quick Turn Pcbs, Quick Turn multi-Layers, Quick Turn pwb, Quick Turn Prototypes, Quick Turn Double Sided, Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards

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